how to machine polish a black car

This video,, can also be seen at’s always that neighbor that has never waxed his car in 10 years–offer to do the work for free in exchange for the experimentation with your new machine, and tell him that even if you make a mistake here and there, the vehicle will look much better than when you started.Set your dual action polisher to a maximum speed of 3. Check the label of your particular wax for specific directions, but generally this is the fastest speed you need to apply wax. Spread the wax over the panel until it is evenly covered. turn off your machine before lifting it off the paint.He told us that the car is in bad shape due to improper washing. I said really. paint correction can involves machine polishing of varying grades of cleanser, polish or compound. (can also. The biggest difference was on the piano black trimremoving wax from plastic trim. nhgern posts: 2. May 2001 edited april 2014 in Toyota. hi folks, first time using a message board, go easy. what is the best way to get wax off black plastic trim that seems to be everywhere on my new car (aside from not putting it there in the first place). it.The car is black and actually has a decent shine but after using car polish the cracks have picked up the white hazing from the dried wax. Now they stand out. I really can’t afford a paint job at the moment but would like to know if there is a black wax that will fill in and hide these cracks that are so obvious.Clean Your Paint How to properly clean your car’s paint. More than a wash, the paint cleaning process is something that should be done a few times in your car’s lifetime. How often depends on if you keep your car in the garage, environmental conditions and how often you wash and wax it.All 16oz bottles of Show Polish come with 1 applicator pad.** After years of research we have perfected a. Machine Application:.. Best black car polish:.Former Vice President Joe Biden, in December 2018, said, "I am a gaffe machine." File that under the category of. Biden,